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Jock Itch Prevention

Jock itch is an infection that’s caused by a fungus that likes to live in warm, moist places on your body. So the main goal for prevention is to eliminate this environment as much as possible. Jock itch can generally be prevented if you remember to follow good hygiene habits and wear clothing that can breath. Think clean, dry and cool.

Here are Some Tips

Keep your body, especially groin and inner thighs, clean and dry especially after exercising or on a hot day. Lose the sweat.

Shower immediately after athletic or sweat inducing activities. Shower or bathe daily.

Use plenty of soapy water and then rinse well. Use a sensitive skin formulation to reduce irritation. Avoid over washing.

Pat skin completely dry with a clean towel. Patting dry is better than rubbing as it reduces irritation and spread.

Wear loose clothing whenever possible. Loose fitting boxer briefs give better ventilation and help to prevent rubbing and chafing. Wear cotton rather than tight synthetic clothing or active-wear. Change underwear after exercising.

Wash clothing and towels frequently. Focus on clean and dry.

Preventing the Spread

  • It’s important not share towels with others – jock itch is contagious and can spread from one person to another very easily so do be aware of others and avoid spreading your infection to those close to you.
  • When treating an active case of jock itch, use a different towel for your groin area than the rest of your body to prevent spreading the infection on your own body.
  • Remember to always wash your hands after applying any treatment. Doing so will help prevent your infection spreading to other parts of your body.